Preferred Provider’s Network

smiling female doctor talking to young couple in her office. Our goal is to provide the highest quality healthcare with the most effective healing methods.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality healthcare with the most effective healing methods. NOVA Pathfinder Limited A HealthCare Company accomplishes this by extending the treatment and service offerings beyond the limited modalities covered in a conventional health insurance policy.

Bring Health and Care Back into Healthcare


A preferred provider is defined as a health care provider or group of providers who have contracted to deliver specified covered services. A preferred provider arrangement is a contract between, or on behalf of, the health care insurer and a preferred provider. This contract allows preferred providers to offer services at a lower rate in return for prompt payment and a certain volume of patients

Not an Preferred Network Provider?

Any licensed health care provider who is in good standing and is in a class approved by the health care corporation can become a preferred provider with NOVA Pathfinder HealthCare. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, more than half of the states in the U.S. operate under “Any Willing Provider” statutes, also known as “Any Authorized Provider,” which require health insurance carriers to allow health care providers to become members of the carriers’ network of providers if certain conditions are met. These laws prohibit insurance companies from limiting the membership of network providers based on geography or other characteristics. Still, the health care provider must meet certain requirements for network membership made by the insurance company. Of course, these laws vary by state and scope. For a summary of Any Willing Provider statutes by state, visit the NCSL website.

NOVA Pathfinder invites all Naturopathic, Complementary, Integrative, Holistic Dentists, and Functional Medicine Practitioners, as well as all Conventional Practitioners, to apply for membership to become a Preferred Provider in our Network. Please review our Preferred Providers terms before filling out an application.