male doctor in a white lab coat holding a stethloscope up to the camera

Our 24/7 Doctor access service really is as good as it sounds; as a member of NOVA Pathfinder Limited Company you have unlimited 24/7 access to a doctor who is ready to listen and help even from the comfort of your own bed!

What is it?

Talk with a Doctor from your office, car, couch, you name it!

No scheduling. No travel. No waiting rooms. No hassle.

We currently use Teladoc.

  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Service is unlimited and FREE to everyone enrolled (and enrolled dependents)!
  • (That’s right, no Consult Fee or Copay involved)
  • Our physicians are licensed and board certified to diagnose, treat, and prescribe for acute illnesses (ex. sinus infection, cold & flu, UTI, pink eye, and many more).
  • We can handle over 70% of your typical doctor’s office or urgent care visits.

What Do I Do Next?

1. Register Your Account. Don’t worry, you’re already enrolled, you just need to activate your account.

a. Download the App “healthiest you” in the app store or Google play store. Select “First Time Here”, enter your Name, DOB, and Zip Code to create your account login.

b. Visit and select “Register Now”, enter your Name, DOB, and Zip Code to create your account login.

c. *Note, once registered, you can log in via the app or online with the same login information.

d. Call 866.703.1259 xl to connect with a care representative to register your account over the phone.

e. Need help with your account? Call 866.703.1259 x3 and the HY Client Success team can help!

2. Update your medical history. Think of this like your virtual clipboard, provide your medical history that will allow our doctors to properly treat you!

3. Add Preferred pharmacy. Let us know where you would like the doctor to send your prescription when necessary.

You are all set! Remember you have HealthiestYou as your first line of defense the next time you or your family members get sick wherever you are.