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We welcome you to NOVA Pathfinder HealthCare, a NOVA Pathfinder Limited Company. We are a healthcare company that goes above and beyond providing Traditional Medical Coverage & Non-Traditional Medical Coverage. You can join our plan 365 days a year, don’t wait for open season registration.

Health and Wellness Services

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Get covered today with our High Deductible Health plan coverage that includes Health and Wellness Treatments Service benefit coverage. This additional benefit is available to you the moment you join our plan. If you use these services currently and you current Insurance does not let you apply those services toward your deductible. if you choose our plan, then NOVA will allow you to apply those services to reduce your deductible faster by allowing approved health and wellness treatments services to count toward your deductible. Plus we have coverage for Traditional Medical coverage, for example, we cover wellness, check-up same day visits for family practice physicians and/or OB-GYN physicians services that can count toward your deductible.

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What is a Economic Family Unit?

Yes your two children who are over 26 years old still live with you can be covered under this plan.

Our plans are carefully designed to meet the specifics needs of blended families. We call this an economic family unit. Your children still live with you and your fiance lives with you. Yes they can be on the same plan with you under the economic family unit category. If are you applying as an individual, partners, couple, or family and desire a High Deductible Health Plan we are a good choice for you.

If you are an employer who wants High Deductible Health Plan coverage for their employees because you believe they deserve the additional benefit of having Extra Health & Wellness Treatment Services , we got you covered! Transform your Traditional Health Coverage choice to include us. Let’s have a conversation today!

What does it mean to have a Traditional Medical Coverage that includes Holistic/Naturopathic services?

Having a Traditional Medical coverage and Holistic/Naturopathic services it can promote health and wellness by utilizing a preventative approach to the member, allowing a broader spectrum of treatments and services than what is normally found in other policies.

Some of the treatment services covered by NOVA HealthCare include Teladoc, supplementation*, holistic dental care, massage therapy, chiropractic care, energy medicine, acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, and homeopathy.

Nova Healthcare believes that providing a high-value plan at an affordable cost is critical for our members. It is for that goal that we work closely with you to give you and your health the best customer service that you deserve.

We believe that providing holistic options gives you more options than any other healthcare plan so you can be sure that you’re making the best choice for all your healthcare needs. If you’re unfamiliar with holistic/naturopathic healthcare methods, please check our blog pages.

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Extraordinarily Natural

Some people think that the concept of private HealthCare Benefit Coverage evolution is controversial, it need not be. Many others think it’s complicated. At NOVA Pathfinder Limited HealthCare Company, we do think our members should have additional choices for healthcare.

This concept stripped down, is a different kind of HealthCare benefit coverage. This idea is evolutionary, it is simply if you live healthy you should have access to “choices” to enjoy a healthful and prosperous lifestyle.

This type of healthcare coverage evolution is why we exist. Just like a artist’s songs strike as exciting, we are hoping that our concept is  going to create a new kind of music that catches on—that makes having more options and the chance for living a healthier future.

NOVA Pathfinder Limited HealthCare feels this type of coverage is revolutionary and it is our brand of phenomena. As you can see by this broad definition Traditional Medicine and Holistic/Naturopathic Medicine healthcare benefit coverage options is a growing process.

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Our Coverage

NOVA Healthcare proudly provides a High Deductible Health Plan coverage that includes benefits for Traditional Medicine and Holistic/Naturopathic Medicine options that are designed to meet individual/couple partner, or Economic Family Unit’s needs. Among our few most notable benefits are:

  • 24/7 Teladoc Phone Doctor
  • 365 Day Open Enrollment
  • Options for Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Holistic Dental Care
  • Preferred Provider Network
  • The great customer service that you deserve

Join us and become a member and build a relationship with NOVA Pathfinder Limited HealthCare Company in the hopes that we might be able to spare you the frustration of spending an enormous amount of time to find the right fit for your selection of Traditional and Holistic Healthcare benefit coverage options.

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