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My Nova Healthcare specializes in the traditional medical coverage you’ve come to expect, enhanced with options for holistic and naturopathic care.  Acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, homeopathy, vitamin supplements and essential oils are among the wellness treatments and service choices available to you.

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Coverage for Individuals and Families

My Nova Healthcare is committed to giving you and your family more choices with a wider range of treatment options and superior customer service. Wellness benefits for annual exams, vision and dental are always paid outside of your plan deductible.

Keep Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses Lower

We know that your healthcare is more complicated than a few visits to the doctor every year, which is why we offer generous allowances for preventative care.

You can get up to $3,550 as an individual and $8,450 as a family applied to your deductible through the following plan allowances:

Plan Coverage Details

Deductible$ 5,000 Single
$ 10,000 Couple/Family
HSA is available
Annual Wellness Exam Covered$300 per individual per year is covered toward an annual wellness checkup. Your yearly wellness visits will cover basic labs and screenings for preventive care (must be coded as preventative care) and reimbursed up to the $300 benefit amount. (You may be able to use a chiropractor for your annual wellness visit.) Any amount over the $300 benefit and any diagnostic testing will be applied to the member's deductible. *You must be active on the plan for three months to qualify.
Open Preferred Provider Network
Holistic and Naturopathic Providers
24/7 General Medicine Teladoc Membership by HealthiestYouYou have access to “Healthiest You” by Teladoc, providing 24/7 telehealth services anywhere in the United States, any time you need it. *Please note that while Teladoc is provided as part of your membership, you must opt-in for the benefit. You may opt-in at any time during your membership and we encourage you to do this as soon as you sign up.
Biological/Holistic Dental Care$1,000 per individual per year is covered toward dental care. Any cost after the benefit of $1000 is the member's responsibility. *You must be active on the plan for three months to qualify.
Vision CoverageOur members receive up to $350, per individual, per year, toward vision care. Any cost after the benefit of $350 is the member's responsibility. *You must be active on the plan for three months to qualify.
Wellness Treatments & Services:
Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic, Homeopathy,
Supplements & Essentials Oils*
$ 2,000.00 Single*
$ 4,000.00 Couple/Family*
ChiropractorThe Chiropractic allowance is $1,200.00
Physical TherapyThe Physical Therapy is $2,200.00
Member Services
* See plan benefits on how to submit requests for reimbursement and product type restrictions.

Benefits of a Value-Added High Deductible Health Plan

Your plan deductible is a tool for keeping your out-of-pocket expenses from insurance premiums lower. By choosing coverage with a higher deductible you’ll have more cash in your pocket after paying health insurance premiums throughout the year.

Choosing a value-added, high deductible plan with my Nova Healthcare gets you even more for your healthcare dollars. You get generous wellness benefits paid to the provider of your choice for your annual physical, eye examination and dental checkup.

Your plan is packed with value-added allowances for paying down your deductible quickly with goods and services you’re already paying for like visits to the chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, even the vitamins you buy at the grocery store. With high-quality value-added coverage you can rest easy knowing that if you’re ever hospitalized due to accident or illness you won’t be sidelined with a huge bill because your maximum out-of-pocket expense is your plan deductible.

Start your coverage with a quote today. You don’t have to wait for open enrollment, your coverage can start in as little as two weeks with a one-time tax-deductible enrollment cost of $260.

If you aren’t sure if the premiums will work with your budget, financial assistance is available.

2022-2023 Health Plan Rates

For Individuals and Couples:

Your AgeIndividual Individual+1
Age 34 and Under$402.71 - $614.78$661.41 – $959.19
Age 35 - 44$620.94 – $688.62$968.79 – $1,074.39
Age 45 - 54$705.23 – $879.10$1,100.31 – $1,371.56
Age 55 - 64$905.48 – $1,144.86$1,412.71 – $1,786.21
Age 65+ Non-Medicare$1,288.43 – $3,370.21$1,929.78 – $4,011.55

For Families:

Your AgeFamily Plan Rates*
Age 34 and Under$978.71 – $1,320.04
Age 35 - 44$1,333.24 – $1,458.15
Age 45 - 54$1,493.35 – $1,861.49
Age 55 - 64$1,898.70 – $ 2,291.98
Age 65+ Non-Medicare$2,435.55 – $5,953.02

*Family coverage includes up to 4 individuals. The premium rate increases by $296.38 for each additional dependent per month. Financial assistance for anyone in need is available.

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Welcome to myNovaHealthcare

We at myNovaHealthcare want your time with us to be as effortless and uncomplicated as possible. For this reason, we have created a Member Services team that is ready and able to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your new healthcare plan.

This help could include information about your Providers, Benefits and Allowances, or Claims, Pre-Authorizations (PAR’s), HealthiestYou by Teledoc and HSA benefits. Our team is also able to help you with payment or account information. If you need help with your member or payment portal, remember, we are just a call or email away.

We want to help you achieve vibrant health and happiness, so feel free to contact us whenever you need an answer, and we would love to give you a helping hand.

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