5 Problems with Traditional Insurance

1.It Doesn’t Cover All Health Options

Unfortunately, most health care policies only offer the bare minimum, leaving you with limited choices. However, alternative health care services are redefining health insurance so it is more than just coverage for the ill. Alternative health care plans offer the right preventive care options, allowances and resources. By delivering these advantages and more, My Nova Healthcare is revolutionizing the market. You know better than anybody else what’s best for your well-being—with My Nova Healthcare you can retain your existing health services, as well as adding new ones if you like.

2. Short Enrollment Dates

Health insurance problems don’t stop with insufficient coverage plans. Every year, the ever-shorter free enrollment window leaves thousands of individuals uninsured. If you skip open enrollment with conventional insurance providers, you are out of luck. Thankfully, My Nova Healthcare promises 365 days of free enrollment! You can apply for coverage any day of the year.

3. No Health Savings Account HSA

stethloscope ontop of a stack of hundred dollar bills

Most traditional health insurances do not offer a Health Savings Account. HSAs are personal savings plans that are only used for medical costs. Having an HSA is a no-brainer, as any contributions made to the account are tax-deductible and deductions are tax-free for eligible medical expenditures. Plus, HSA plans carry over yearly, so you’re not losing any money if you have fewer expenditures one year compared to the next. All My Nova Healthcare plans offer an HSA account, so sign up for one today!

4. Limited Benefits

male doctor in a lab coat  holding up a stethoscope to a digital screen that has medical icons showing

Have you noticed conventional insurance policies give their customers very few incentives? With some plans, benefits are limited to the absolute minimum. This is not the case with My Nova Healthcare, which offers well-rounded, convenient and reliable health care. For example, we offer our members medical tourism, so you aren’t restricted to certain care depending on your location. If your medical needs cannot be met in your surrounding area, state or country, My Nova Healthcare still has you covered. The coverage also includes several integrated wellness solutions, including holistic dental therapy. We recognize that well-being is more than just curing illnesses—it’s about meeting daily needs and fostering prevention for your future health.

5. 24/7 Telemedicine Doctor

We give members connections to numerous physicians and medical providers 24/7 by phone. Tele-medicine service is available for you anytime you need a doctor. No more waiting in the doctor’s office to be seen or missing work for minor appointments. Just choose your visit process, whether that be “video” as your method of communication or “phone.” If you have a busy schedule, you can choose an exact time to meet with the doctor by selecting “schedule” instead of “as soon as possible.” It’s time to put your health insurance into your own hands and have a wellness program that truly works for you.

Redefining Health Insurance

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Whether you’ve missed your open enrollment period or are looking for a health care coverage plan that better suits your lifestyle, signing up for My Nova Healthcare is a simple and straightforward process.
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