7 Nutrition Tips

To Stay Healthy This Summer

Keep Your Health Cool in the Heat

With warmer weather and longer days, summer seems like the perfect time to focus on your overall well-being. While it might be easier to get outside and enjoy sports and other activities, maintaining a balanced diet can be a struggle. Here are seven ways you can maintain a nutritious lifestyle and make healthier decisions during the warmer months.

1. Stay hydrated.

Having enough water to drink is one of the most important things you can do to remain safe during the summer. As heat and humidity rise, it’s easier to get dehydrated than you think; by the time you feel parched, you might already be headed in that direction. Make sure to drink plenty of water all day.

2. Eat a rainbow.

An array of colorful carrots, broccoli, purple broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce on a black background

With summer comes an enormous range of fresh fruits and vegetables that can make eating healthy enjoyable and simple. Choosing seasonal foods is a smart way to improve your diet. And, keeping your plate colorful can improve your health and add the fiber your body requires to function well.

3. Cook together.

With all of those fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, make cooking a priority. In planning meals, you should include your children, friends and partners so that everyone can learn about and appreciate the benefits of wholesome cooking. While teaching and passing on healthier practices, you can also create memories that last.

4. Plan ahead.

An elder male grocer helping a older fit woman who is holding a bag full of groceries to a watermelon that is on display with other fruits and vegetables

Meal prep at the beginning of every week and make wise food choices, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

A big buzzword now is “meal prep,” or preparing ingredients that can be consumed within a matter of days. Meal planning might not be for everybody, but by preparing your menus for the week and making a list of nutritious foods to purchase, you can maintain a healthy diet with less time wasted.

5. Grow your own.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, anyone can grow a garden. You can go for a complete vegetable garden with lots to share, or you can start by growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Not only will you get the freshest produce, but you will have the joy of realizing that you’ve produced it yourself.


6. Shut it off.

Instead of eating when watching television during a meal, focus on your food and your company. Work on being conscious about how you consume as well as what you are consuming. Log off of social media for a few minutes and concentrate on the flavors of your food and the whether you feel full and satisfied.

7. Go green.

A close up of a green plant sprout with several leaves, several other plants in teh background.

Finally, try to shift from three meals to five or six smaller meals a day. Snacks and meals distributed across the day will help maintain your blood sugar and keep you from binging. Start by choosing three of these habits you think you can master over the next few months, and work your way toward a healthy summer and an overall healthier you.

Calling all iced tea fans. Try shifting from sugary sweet tea to green tea to improve wellness. Green tea is high in antioxidants and can help improve the metabolism.

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