Colloidal Silver – Life Hacks

Growing up, you may have heard the phrases, “He was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth” or, “She’s blue in the blood.” These expressions refer to the use of pure silver that was traditionally only available to the elite. While plague and famine were the number one killer of millions of citizens in the Middle Ages, rich individuals would suck on silver as a remedy. Silver was known to have purifying and antimicrobial properties and was used as a precursor to antibiotics. As for a child being “born with blue blood,” it was thought to be a common side effect of a mother consuming too much silver.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Dr. Josh Axe’s article entitled “The 8 Proven Benefits of Colloidal Silver” is an outstanding source of knowledge about the advantages of colloidal silver. According to Dr. Axe, these are eight common uses for it:

  1. Antiviral
  2. Anti-inflammitory
  3. Eczema
  4. Pink Eye/Ear Infections
  5. Wound and skin care
  6. Anti-bacterial
  7. Sinusitis
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Cold/Flu
  10. Asthma
Household & Medical Uses

Not only can colloidal silver be used for personal health, but it can also be used around the house in the following ways:

three different exfoliating brushes and two vials of essentia oil laying on a green table


      1. Disinfects countertops, door knobs and similar surfaces
      2. Boosts your laundry detergent to get a deeper clean
      3. Replaces chlorine in your pool or hot tub
      4. Eliminates foul odor and fungi from your shoes
      5. Control fleas (spray on dog or cat beds)
      6. Spruces up your canine’s teeth and mouth for dental care
      7. Controls pest and insect infestation
      8. Relieves food poisoning
      9. Relieves itchy scalp
      10. Sanitizes sponges, toilet brushes and mops

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