Diffuser Benefits

Get the Most Out of Your Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used in wellness practices for thousands of years but have gained popularity in Western cultures more recently. Often used in aromatherapy, essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. They are a concentrated form of a plant’s scent and flavor used in alternative medicinal treatments. At My Nova Healthcare, we offer generous allowances for essential oils because we know how beneficial they can be.

Benefits of Essential Oils

It’s no wonder that essential oils are increasing in popularity—they offer multiple benefits for users. Here are just a few of the benefits you can receive from using essential oils:

To Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Small vial with a mint spring in a tortuios colored bowl. Behind it a tea candle in a similar bowl with more mint leaves.

Using essential oils is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. With many people dealing with demanding jobs and overly busy schedules, it’s not a surprise that stress and anxiety have become a normal part of many people’s daily lives. To deal with this stress, some are now turning to essential oils to feel calmer and improve their overall mood. Oils that promote relaxation are typically the best for this, and it’s great to combine aromatherapy with meditation and mindfulness practices to really kick stress to the curb.

To Assist with Sleep

Many people who have insomnia or other sleep issues have turned to essential oils for relief. Scents such as lavender or chamomile help calm the body and mind, making it easier to fall asleep at night. Try using essential oils 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed to prepare you for a restful night of sleep. For maximum benefits, use a diffuser and keep inhaling the soothing essential oils even after you’re fast asleep..

To Increase Energy Levels and Motivation
A young woman arms stretched out in the fading sun in a lavendar field

If you usually wake up still feeling tired and groggy, instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee, try adding essential oils into your morning routine. Certain scents, including citrus and peppermint, are extremely invigorating and can give you a boost of energy. They can directly influence the areas of the brain that control feelings of tiredness, leaving you with more energy to take on the day.

To Reduce Inflammation

Many plants are natural anti-inflammatories, making essential oils great for treating muscle soreness and inflammation. Many people massage peppermint oil into the skin and notice a considerable difference. Tea tree oil can also be used for inflammation, especially blemishes and skin irritations.

Benefits of Using a Diffuser

Now that you understand all of the benefits of using essential oils, what is the best way to add them into your daily life? Typically, essential oils are used in three ways: topically, inhaled, or ingested. If you are looking for one of the easiest and best ways to receive the benefits of essential oils, we suggest using a diffuser. There are many benefits of using a diffuser to disperse your oils including:

Consistent Inhalation

One oil diffuser benefit is that you are dispersing the oils throughout the room for consistent inhalation. This allows you to absorb a higher percentage of the vapors than by topical use. It also means that you can be inhaling the oils for hours without even having to think about it. You don’t have to worry about refilling the oil after a couple of hours, as diffusers usually last 2 to 6 hours.

Air Purification

If you want to fight off the cold and flu, a diffuser can be a great way to kill any airborne bacteria or viruses around you. Eucalyptus oil is an especially successful purifying oil, as it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. Just add a few drops of the oil to your diffuser and let it do the rest of the work.

Safe Odor Elimination

Not only do essential oils provide health benefits, but they also smell great! Another oil diffuser benefit is that you can use essential oils in place of a traditional candle and get the same odor-eliminating effects. Traditional candles are often made with paraffin wax that gives off potentially harmful vapors like benzene and toluene – the same vapors found in diesel fuel exhaust! So, essential oils can be a viable replacement for candles, making your home smell nice all while giving you great benefits.

Support Respiratory Health

With essential oils, one benefit of using a diffuser as opposed to applying them topically or ingesting them is that you are helping reduce inflammation in the lungs and cutting through heavy mucus during respiratory colds. It’s great for relieving congestion and for soothing respiratory illnesses such as asthma, emphysema, COPD, chronic bronchitis and allergies. Also, the humidity from the diffuser can help relieve dry sinuses and cough.

Decorate Your Home

This oil diffuser benefit has nothing to do with improving your health or wellness, but it’s a great benefit one and the same. There are so many options for diffusers on the market today and nearly all of them can double as trendy home decoration. Use a diffuser as a beautiful centerpiece, or place it on a nightstand for a little extra decoration. Many diffusers even utilize soothing color-changing features.

Essential Oils and My Nova Healthcare

At My Nova Healthcare, we truly believe in and promote preventative and holistic care. We understand the many physical, emotional, and mental benefits essential oils can bring, which is why we offer generous allowances. Not only do we cover essential oils, we but deduct up to $1,000 each year from your deductible for essential oils and supplements.

Whether you’ve missed your open enrollment period or are looking for a healthcare coverage plan that better suits your lifestyle, signing up for My Nova Healthcare is a simple and straightforward process.