Essential Oils Benefits and History

While essential oils have recently exploded onto the market, they have actually been used for a long time. Some evidence suggests that essential oils have been used since 3000 BC. They are most popular in ancient Egyptian practices but were also found in India and Asia. Traditionally, essential oils were used in perfumes by royalty and priests; they were even buried in the tombs of many kings.

What are essential oils?

mint, rosemary, coneflower and a few other different flowers, herbs, and plants in a tray and bowl on a wooden table.

Essential oils are concentrated compounds from plants that have a unique scent and flavor. Throughout history, essential oils have been used for medicinal, ritual, and beauty purposes, but recently they have come back as an alternative form of medicine because of their versatility and innocuous nature.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Trouble Sleeping

Have a hard time sleeping? Essential oils can support healthy relaxation. Lavender and chamomile are two essential oils that can create a sense of calm in the body. By putting these oils on your chest and feet before you go to bed, you can help the body slow down and fall asleep faster.


close up of a lavander plant in a field of lavander with the sunset in the background

Along with supporting sleep, lavender can aid in relaxation during the day. When feeling tense, put a drop of lavender under your nose or on your chest. Stop, be present and focus on your breath as you inhale.

Stay Focused and Motivated

Feeling a drop in your energy levels? Essential oils can also help with that, too. For a natural boost, reach for an oil with citrus or peppermint instead of that caffeine or fourth cup of coffee.

Reduce Inflammation

Not only can essential oils help with your mood, but they can also help your body physically. Many essential oils are anti-inflammatory can support healthy muscle function by soothing sore muscles and diminishing blemishes.

My Nova Healthcare Encourages Essential Oils

My Nova Healthcare believes that the combination of both alternative and traditional medicine gets the best result—that’s why purchasing essential oils are approved in our health care plans. Speak with your Personal Care Advocate to find out more about our Essential Oil Policy and allowances.

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