Garden Therapy

Good for You and Your Mental Health

Did you know therapy may be right outside your window? It’s called “garden therapy.” Not only does gardening help you stay healthy physically, but it’s good for your mental health, as well. All you need is some space, dirt, seeds and a can-do attitude to dig up some feel-good vibes. Not only will it add beauty to your home, but it could also mean fewer trips to the store!

Release that Stress: Start Digging

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or just digging in the dirt, nature is an excellent stress reliever. Put down the electronics and head outside—your brain will thank you. Focusing on one task will also teach your brain discipline, which transcends all areas of your life. Garden therapy brings you back to present; plus, if you do it right you can get some tasty food out of it.

Feed Yourself and Others

While you are relieving stress, you are also growing a product that will not only help you feed yourself but others! And, by growing your own food, you can eat out less and nourish your body with more nutritious meals. A win-win.

Struggling with Mental Health? Garden Therapy Is Here to Help!
young woman dressed in white wearing a crown of lavander plants arms stretched in front of a lavander field

Along with providing fresh fruits and vegetables and stress relief, garden therapy can help those struggling with mental health issues. Being out in nature and focusing on one task can help with concentration and add to your overall well-being.

A Great Low Impact Workout

Gardening is relaxing because it keeps you moving and gets your body involved. It is a low-impact activity that helps you stay active without the cost of a gym membership.

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