More Health Hacks

We just spent nearly a week as a team at our Annual Summit discussing plans for My Nova Healthcare, our wonderful plan members, and all the people we hope to assist on their journey to optimum health. That got us talking – how do we stay healthy? Besides discussions about holistic dentistry and full-body thermography, we all shared our favorite day-to-day health hacks. These health hacks vary widely in application, but each could be useful for anyone looking for an alternative or new option for relieving classic health concerns.

Wooden bowl and spoon filled with baking soda sitting on a table that has baking soda ll over it.
1. Baking soda paste for bee stings

If you happen to find yourself with a wasp or bee sting, create a paste using baking soda. Mix 3/4 parts baking soda with 1/4 parts water to make a thick paste. Apply directly to the affected area of skin and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. The paste will ease stinging, itching, and swelling by reducing the effects of the bee venom.

2. Suffering from a common cold, drink Fire Cider to help sweat it out

Buy or make this drink concoction full of superfoods from scratch. It will help detox your body and clear your head, nose and chest during a cold. Drink about a tablespoon every two hours during the day when suffering from a common cold. You can find a great recipe HERE.

3. Super glue over skin tags, warts, or small cuts

When you think of skin ailments, you usually think of seeing a dermatologist or covering it with a bandage. This health hack may make the process much simpler – use super glue! Covering a small skin tag or wart with super glue suffocates the affected area. Super glue can also be used in place of a bandage to cover a small cut.

4. Use a Mustard Plaster to relieve a chest cold

This ancient technique is rock solid for removing phlegm and mucus from your lungs. By placing the mustard plaster on your chest, the mustard will dilate the capillaries in your lungs and encourage the movement of phlegm and mucus from your lungs. You can find the method HERE.

5. Boost your immunity or relieve muscle pain with Eucalyptus
A vial contailing eucalyptus oil on a table with an eye dropper and several eucalyptus leaves next to it

Start your day off with an immunity boost! Drop 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus directly under your tongue in the morning. Eucalyptus’s antimicrobial properties fight against many bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can also apply eucalyptus to your temples or the back of your neck to reduce muscle pain.

6. Fight bronchitis with colloidal silver and bee propolis

Bronchitis can be a nasty illness, and oftentimes makes us feel hopeless for a solution. Spray both colloidal silver and bee propolis directly into mouth daily during the duration of your sickness. Both have great antibiotic properties that will help your body fight the bronchitis. You can buy both in health food stores.

7. Take a 30-minute walk every day
A man and woman jogging on a bike path during the day time.

Improve your overall mental and physical health simply by walking 30 minutes a day. Studies show that adding a walk into your routine benefits your body greatly. It can improve your mood, regulate your circulatory and digestive system, and help you lose weight. There really are no down sides.

8. Improve digestion with prebiotics

You’ve probably heard of probiotics, but have you heard of prebiotics? Prebiotics, often called the “gut fertilizer,” aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, and detoxification by fermenting in the large intestine. They feed the breakdown of grains and other hard-to-digest foods. Some foods have prebiotics that occur naturally (such as leek, garlic, onion and dandelion greens), but you can also take them in a supplement form.

9. Oil pull every morning for better dental hygiene

Oil pulling is an age-old remedy, but a new-ish trend in the dental hygiene space. All you have to do is swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes a day. The coconut oil acts as detoxifier, cleansing your mouth of the oils and bacteria that can be harmful. There is a long list of potential benefits, including improving the smell of your breath and preventing future cavities.

10. Remove toxins from your body with sliced potatoes

You read that right…sliced potatoes. Place sliced potatoes in your socks before bed, and the potato absorbs the toxins coming out of your feet during your sleep. This technique comes from traditional Chinese reflexology medicine. The foot holds critical nerve endings that lead to every organ. So, by placing a detoxifying vegetable like a potato in your sock, you may remove the toxins causing an illness, such as a cold.

11. Suck on garlic clove to relieve sore throat

Using garlic as a lozenge may seem daunting, but it works! Tuck a half a clove in each cheek of the mouth for 10 minutes to relieve a sore throat. Repeat this as needed throughout the day. Not only do you get short-term relief, but the allicin chemical found in garlic kills bacteria that could be causing the symptom in the first place. It can also assist in keeping vampires away!

12. Don’t underestimate the power of good sleep

Whether you are suffering from an illness or just trying to stay healthy, getting a GOOD night’s rest is crucial. Studies have found that a good night’s sleep is directly linked to improved memory and creativity, better metabolism function and lower stress. If you have trouble sleeping, try some of these natural methods HERE.

13. Cure a hangover with Borage

If you had a glass or two too many last night, try taking borage oil (also called safflower oil). Typically, when you suffer from a hangover, the symptoms are caused by inflammation. GLA, a crucial omega-6 fatty acid reduces the symptoms of inflammation, such as headache and sleepiness.

14. Use jojoba oil to remove makeup

Dab a cotton ball in jojoba oil to remove makeup and dirt on your face, eyes and neck. The naturally occurring cleansing properties of the oil not only clean the surface of your skin, but they lock in moisture which could reduce your skins production of sebum (that pesky oil that causes blackheads and zits).

Please note, the My Nova Healthcare team is not qualified to make medical claims or provide medical advice. We always recommend consulting a doctor.

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