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Written by: Member Care Advocate Sabrina

Did you know you can dial 211? Mental health issues can happen to anyone and it does not make them a bad person. Nor is it indicative that an individual can’t handle their life. There are many stressors that lead a person to have to question their mental wellness. Unemployment, foreclosure, death, COVID, relationship struggles, sick children, caring for elderly adults & etc., It is okay not to be okay. The truth is that at one time or another most people have had mental health concerns, but they may have handled through exercise, sleep, talking to a trusted friend, mindfulness and many more interventions.

However, what happens when those factors don’t work and a person is left feeling irritated, sad, depressed overwhelmed and a crisis is occurring? Well, you say, “it is okay to not be okay” and call 211 and ask for a referral. In addition, to giving referrals for mental health counseling, 211 can give a list for resources such as food, low cost health care housing, domestic violence shelters and more. 211 is state specific with resources

You are not alone in this time of COVID, you are important to NOVA Pathfinder and others. You are precious and bring a bright spot to the world. We have listed resources for mental health wellness. Below is a list of resources:

211: https;//

Suicide Prevention Hot Line

1 (800) 273-8255 ( TALK)

The Samaritans: ( 877)870-4673 ( HOPE)

Crisis Text Line ( or, on your smartphone, text HOME to 741741)

This is an informational post for mental health awareness and no information is implied to replace calling 911 or getting to your nearest emergency room if you are in a mental health crisis

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