Speed Walking is Better for Your Body than Running

You might have noticed a neighbor running down the street in the morning and thought to yourself, I wish I could get up and do that. Well, there’s no time like the present. But, you don’t have to be as ambitious as your neighbor to get the same benefits. Research suggests that speed walking has many of the same benefits as running without the stressful impact on the body.

Speed Walking Benefits 

Like running, speed walking can help you increase your stamina. It can also improve your body’s: 

  1. Heart Health 
  2. Cholesterol 
  3. Immune System 
  4. Lungs 
  5. Bones 
  6. Balance 

Of course, it’s also easier on the waistline. According to an active.com article, a study found that “people who walked for at least four hours a week gained less weight (an average nine pounds less) than couch potatoes as they got older.”

How To Speed Walk 
Young woman in grey work out clothes smiling with hey eyes closed and heaphones in listening to music.

Well, just like it sounds, you want to walk as fast as you are able without running. Unlike running, you always keep one foot completely on the ground. You walk by putting your heel down first then follow through to the toes. The best way to speed walk is to look straight forward focusing on something in front of you so you can keep your spine upright and maintain good posture. Keep your arms at your sides and pump them for extra assistance. For a better workout, you can focus on tightening your abdomen as well. You only need to speed walk for five minutes to feel the benefits. To learn more about how to speed walk, visit www.wikihow.com/Speed-Walk.

Why Speed Walk 

Speed walking, or power walking as it is also known, keeps your body from bouncing up and down, which over long periods of time can be hard on the joints. Our bodies are not made to keep up strenuous exercise. It will start to break down. Overworking yourself can stress out your muscles, immune system, bones and other parts of the body. Click here to learn more about the hidden risks of running and jogging. Speed walking is a great way to get the same benefits as running without the long-term risks. And, the best part is you can speed walk anywhere you would normally jog or run. Don’t forget to bring a buddy along to make it more fun!

Happy Speed Walking!
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