What Is Holistic Dentistry?

What is Natural Dentistry?

The term “holistic” is popping up all over the world on goods and in health care programs turning it into a massive phenomenon. Sadly, overuse of the term makes things like comprehensive dental hygiene look like a fad. But, comprehensive dentistry, which is the marriage of traditional and holistic dentistry, it is far from a passing phenomenon; in fact, many accredited DDS practitioners believe that comprehensive dentistry is successful. Holistic, or natural, dentistry is a theory and approach to dental treatment that places the well-being of the individual first. Holistic dentists concentrate on the mouth and its connection to the entire human being while using natural techniques and products to improve overall health.

Holistic dentistry is one of many sprouting therapeutic fields. Some conventional dentists call themselves “holistic” to suit the movement but do not adhere to natural practices. Please do your research and make sure you understand the differences between traditional and holistic dentistry when choosing your medical professional.

How Do You Spot a True Holistic Dentist?

1. No Chemicals

True natural dentists wouldn’t dream of giving you fluoride. Most toothpastes and mouthwashes contain additives that do not align with holistic dentistry. Instead, natural dentists will recommend options that are non-toxic and non-hormone-altering.

2. No X-rays
gloved hands of a dentist flossing a young patients mouth that is being held open with a retractor

Unnecessary X-rays, spontaneous root canals or the replacement of wisdom teeth are scorned in holistic dentistry. Other treatments for repairing a tooth or extracting a tooth are now at the forefront of natural dentistry and should be considered before any cutting is contemplated. If necessary, X-rays are kept to a bare minimum, and oral surgery is considered a last resort.

3. Safe Fillings

Holistic dentists will never fill cavities with amalgam that contains mercury. Mercury, which may leach from fillings while chewing, can trigger cognitive defects, developmental issues and a wide variety of other body disorders. Ask your dentist about their stance on mercury fillings to ensure that they take your best health into consideration.

4. No Antibiotics

Holistic dentists will defer to herbal medicines to fight illness or any other conditions that may need healing. A natural dentist can also provide light therapy or recommend steam baths to help you sleep better than you might on prescription drugs. Bottom line, holistic dentists will not prescribe antibiotics if there is a healthier, more natural option.

5. Whole-Body Approach

As the name implies, a holistic dentist’s main concern is to treating the WHOLE BODY. They will investigate how your dental health might impact certain aspects of your life, even your psychological and physical well-being. Holistic dentistry is not just oral care, but overall care.

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